Ben, I bought another bike previously from ebay but decided to go direct this time. My boys absolutely love their Zoomers! Great product! Everyone comments on them

Our twin 2 year old girls really enjoy the bikes – a fantastic design concept. The adjustable height via seat post and neck makes it customisable as my little people grow. We’re really pleased they’ve picked up balance and free-wheeling! At this rate there is no need for us to contemplate training wheel dependency for a pedal bike.

Tristan my 16 month old and I were in the bike store the other day and he stepped straight on the little zoomer with ease and just started to push along naturally. He did not want to stop once he started!

My son bought one for his little 2 year old for Christmas last year and I thought they would be great for my day care children. I have 2 bigger balance bikes but they are too big for the littlies to ride. Thanks so much.

Hi there We purchased out first little zoomer almost two years ago and our son loves it. The beauty of the little zoomer is its compact size you can take it anywhere and everywhere. We always get comments on how cool his bike is. Jacob has been riding it since the age of one and now at two and a half he’s a real pro. Thanks again

Thanks very much for the little zoomer, it’s way better than I expected. Can’t wait till my boy see it. Thanks again

Hi Ben, Just writing to say a big thank you. Our Little Zoomer bike arrived today, less than a week after we ordered it. Such prompt and speedy service should be congratulated. Terrific job. Thanks again

I have a little zoomer that both my children started riding at 19 months. It is a brilliant design and small enough to really build confidence in a few days! I have to say that our zoomer is on its third child as we have lent it out in between and it is in very good condition, so we are rally impressed.