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The Little Zoomer balance bikes are a great way to teach  2-4 year old toddlers and kids how to ride. Balance bikes allow children to learn naturally by experimenting with balance and riding techniques, they help develop their sense of balance and stimulates physical and mental development, improving co-ordination.

Hollow steel frames make our balance bikes strong, durable and lightweight (3kg). Solid rubber tyres ensure a comfortable ride and with steel bearings they glide along smoothly and easily for hours of learning fun.

Ben Mullins saw the balance bikes on a business trip abroad and brought one home for his son Charlie. It instantly became the favorite toy and he rode it everywhere. Wherever Charlie rode parents asked Ben where they could get one and a small business was born. Ben said “Everyone who sees Charlie riding his bike smiles, not just because they make such a cute combination but because it’s hard not to when you see him having so much fun and grinning like a Cheshire cat”.

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About Little Zoomers Balance Bikes